5 Hacks To Ace Your Influencer Marketing Game


Influencer marketing is the latest buzz in town. And everyone wants a piece of it. With traditional advertising being a dying breed, influencers are those charming personalities who are pumping life back into the marketing body. With their magnetic pull over the internet hive mind, any influencer marketing campaign is capable of driving customer engagement through the roof.

For businesses struggling to make sense of the influencer flurry, we have a compiled a list of 5 easy hacks to ensure your latest influencer marketing campaign becomes the rage of the season.

  1. Choose The Right One

Social media has elevated every other person to the rank of an influencer. Just look at the sheer number of Insta-famous personalities all around you. However, a mind boggling online presence does not guarantee your choice of influencer to be correct. You need to make sure that the star of your campaign is aligned with your brand- a natural fit.

The Rolex-Roger Federer is a classic partnership of two brands being at the top of their game.

  1. Creative Collaboration

The popularity of influencer marketing got to where it is through its raw authenticity. Simply pushing on your brand message to the influencer in question won’t help much and the smart audience will surely see through the façade. Instead, bring the influencer on board, give them the chance to share their own creative input and let their magical personality shine through.

MAC Cosmetics does this right all the time, using popular beauty influencers not just as the face of product lines but soliciting their opinions throughout the manufacturing process to its packaging.

  1. Giveaway Mania

Anyone with an inkling of online presence will have noticed the craze for giveaways. Everybody loves participating in these and when paired up with a popular influencer, it translates into explosive brand awareness for your business. Simply have your influencer put up a post, announcing the rules of the giveaway and describing the product up for grabs. With that, your brand is sure capture a considerable portion of mindshare.

The Bangladeshi fashion influencer, Mudassir, hosted a giveaway with Plaire, a trendy clothing store, which turned out to be a massive success.

  1. Taking Over

Having an influencer take over your brand’s social media account acts as a fantastic stamp of approval. And this is especially true for Instagram. Especially during special events, it is unparalleled in building your very own brand community, with a little push from an influencer.

Harper’s Bazar generated a lot of buzz when actress and model Jaime King took over their Instagram account and documented her day getting ready for the Dior Cruise Show.


  1. Ringing In The Holiday Season

Holidays have always been the prime time for businesses to go all out. A time for family, friends, socialization and a whole lot of shopping, it is no wonder that businesses usually have a holiday marketing trick up their sleeves. Bring in the magical pull of an influencer and your holiday campaign is all set to be a sure-fire success.

Huawei Mobile tapped into this very double combo effect by offering customers the chance to play with Shakib Al Hasan, the famous Bangladeshi cricketer, on Eid.

68% of consumers claim to trust influencer opinion over the other types. This means that unless your brand jumps in on this latest trend, it will have a difficult time staying on the customer’s radar. So, kick off your influencer marketing campaign using one or more of the listed hacks and watch its spiral into success.