5 Lesser-used Social Media Platforms in Bangladesh and Our Comfort Zones


5 Lesser-Used Social Media Platforms In Bangladesh And Our Comfort Zones Digiology 2

The comfort zone is probably the single worst place to be. A place where you feel so comfortable that you’re not even in willing to progress (or regress) an inch, which is okay too, unless you want to live a spirited life where you want your drive and your ambition to take you through the skies. This probably holds true none more so than you, the ambitious entrepreneur looking to make it in the ruthlessly competitive business world of today. The comfort zone for you could range from your unwillingness to venture into a new market to simply failing to recognize there are a lot of social media platforms out there than just Facebook and Twitter! Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook clearly is the most popular social media site out there (closely followed by Twitter), but what it isn’t is the only one to help you in your journey to market your product or service to the potential customer. From LinkedIn and Google+ to the trendy Instagram, there are a plethora of social media platforms just waiting for you to work on.

LinkedIn: Mainly used for professional networking, LinkedIn could be the perfect place for you to place your product and create a buzz among professionals. As of March 2015, LinkedIn has reported a massive 364 million acquired users across more than 200 countries and territories! And if that doesn’t make it a must-go for your company then I don’t know what does.

Google+: While lagging behind in competition with the giants Facebook and Twitter, Google+ is slowly proving to be a hot destination for the social media enthusiast mainly due to its user-friendly interface. The clean, simple interface makes connecting with friends, family and business associates a piece of cake. While the numbers may indeed be significantly less than Facebook, the company maintains that “the significance of Google+ is less as a Facebook competitor than as a means of gathering and connecting user information from Google’s various services.”

Pinterest: One of the best and most popular image-based social media platform that allows you to catch the eye of your ever so busy customer with cleverly crafted images. If your business has products that can be shown-off with images then Pinterest is the place to be for you as it can help you cast a visually appealing spell on its 72.8 million users. A little side note, 85% of its users are female, which is all the better for the businesses if it’s looking to work on a female demographic.

Tumblr: This is what Forbes.com has to say about Tumblr – “With over 130 million blogs, Tumblr is a blogging powerhouse, yet it’s still overlooked by marketers.” Tumblr is the social network for bloggers, and with 30-50 million active users (about 420 registered) is a social media site you should not ignore out of your fascination for Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram: The hot new kid in the block, Instagram has slowly emerged into a household name of its own in the social media scene over the last couple of years. With 200 million active users and an average of 60 million photos shared every day, Instagram is the image-sharing platform of the time. I mean who takes a photo and uploads it separately on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ anymore? “Since Instagram is mostly populated with individual users sharing photos with their close friends and family, marketers have overlooked it as a viable social media option. However, the sheer number of users alone makes it worth exploring” is what Forbes.com had to say about Instagram and the general ignorance surrounding its marketing potential.

This article was brought into being by Hassan Munhamanna, an aspiring young mind in the social and digital marketing space in Bangladesh.