7 Steps to Boost Your Post on Facebook


It goes beyond how important it has become to promote your brand on Facebook to reach your target market easily and effectively at a reasonable cost. To get the most out of the Facebook platform we need to run paid promotion of our posts in Facebook which we call ‘post boost’ because without boosting you will be able to reach maximum 3% of your page Fans (who have liked your page) from organic reach.

So, to reach more people you have to boost post in Facebook and boosting posts is not that tough. Below are the 7 steps which you can follow to boost your post on Facebook.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook ID

In the first step log in to your Facebook ID, then go to the left bottom corner; Where you’ll see advert option under the create menu and select advert option.


Step 2: Set campaign objective for Facebook post boost

After selecting advert option Facebook will direct you to adverts manager window. In the left top corner of the window you’ll get campaign objective option. You will be able to select your target campaign to promote on Facebook from this option.


Step 3: Create an advert account if you haven’t already done so

If you have not opened any adverts account yet, you will get the option to create an advert account just right after choosing your target campaign. While creating the advert account, select your country, currency and time zone from the account menu.


Step 4: Complete the “advert set” setup

When you are done with creating the advert account you’ll see advert set menu, from where you will get the chance to select the specific page you want to promote at first. Then select the audience you want to target for your campaign. In the placement section you can select the media channel, where you want to promote and then in the budget & schedule section you have to fix your budget and schedule that long you want to run the campaign.


Step 5: Create the advert

After completing advert set step, the next step is the advert where you have to choose the format, media and text of the ad that you want to promote.


Step 6: Place order

After completing advert step, place order for further process.


Step 7: Set up the payment method

After placing order you’ll get payment method where you will need to use an international card to make the payment to Facebook. If you have any confusion regarding this or don’t have a card to make payment, you can take help from Montro.