7 Ways SEO Can Reenergize Your Website


If you are anywhere near the digital landscape, you have probably heard of SEO. It falls under the category of search engine marketing or SEM. It is comprised of internet marketing strategies which increase the visibility of websites. Search engine optimization or SEO in short is a basic set of rules. Following it can drive your website to the top of search engine rankings in an organic or unpaid manner. SEO is the fuel that drives inbound marketing. Living in an infinite gulf of web content, we know how difficult it is to make the customer find you. But what makes SEO worth it? There is a definitely a reason, or to be more accurate, a colossal list, which makes SEO so wildly popular.

Below we have handpicked 7 ways SEO can change the game for your website

  1. It works!

There is no denying that using SEO will bring in results. SEO also tops paid traffic by a huge margin. Not taking away from Pay Per Click advertising, it only accounts for 25% of search traffic while SEO drives a whopping 75% of it.

For a real life SEO success story, look at Daraz.com, the leading ecommerce platform in Bangladesh. With an SEO score of 84 out of 100. It is at the top of search results for “online shopping sites in Bangladesh”. Therefore, along with social media, SEO drives a massive portion of their traffic.

  1. The pricing makes sense

Not all forms of digital marketing leave a hole in the pocket. Remember that ranking high on search engines prompts visitors who are converted to regular customers of your products and services. According to research by SEOmoz, the renowned consultancy company, SEO is 5.66 times more effective than PPC. For what it’s worth, SEO marketing is extremely cost-effective with its high return on investment. The digital citizens of Bangladesh are becoming evermore Google dependent along their mundane lifestyle. The benefits of a well optimized website can only grow higher with time.

  1. SEO and social media are inseparable

With people spending 30% of their day on it, brands need to tie in social media with their website content. This works just perfectly because user shared content on social networking sites is directly correlated to SEO parameters such as title tags, hashtags and meta descriptions.

Khaas Food does an exemplary job at this, with their unique organic food and healthy products. Even though there are a small medium enterprise, they are doing a fantastic job at getting social media traction and generating new leads.

  1. Your brand gets immense visibility

Making sure your brand is literally everywhere on search engines, SEO can multiply your visibility manifold. A business not applying SEO is drab and slowly but surely, dying. To make any money, first, you need to get your targeted audience to take notice of your website. SEO brings in the much-needed traffic that you need to convert your website visitors into prospects and finally into cash spending customers.

  1. You get invaluable insight into your customers

Using SEO generates actionable data and metrics of your customer’s behavior and demographics. Leveraging this, your business can tailor content, online and offline- optimizing the user experience.

For instance, if your website’s click through rate or CTR isn’t good enough despite investing in SEO, you may want to make some changes such as choosing a more compelling meta description or decreasing loading time of the website.

  1. Your business becomes a trusted name

The digital users trusts Google. They are well aware of the fact that Google only promotes authentic businesses. When the name of your business shows up at the top of search engines for certain keywords and phrases, human psychology takes over the wheel and the customer begin developing a level of trust towards it. If you’re lucky, your brand may even become synonymous with its marketing message, thanks to SEO.

The Daily Star, Bangladesh’s leading English newspaper, has transferred their trust and reputation from offline publications to online news media through coverage consistently spanning over search engines.

  1. SEO fine-tunes your marketing engine

A common misconception regarding SEO is that it doesn’t need much doing. While this could not be further from the truth. The good news is that with regular working, you can always have an edge over competitors. Reviewing the SEO and making little tweaks sharpens your website game into the best. An example of this is editing the Knowledge Graph box that appears on the right-hand side of the results page. For branded searches to contain important bits of information.

The top 3 search results on Google gets about 60% of the traffic. This is the big league your website should aspire to belong to. Wondering how to get there? You may get in touch with Geeky Social, a 360 degree marketing agency and one of the best SEO service providers in Bangladesh. So, without further ado, jumpstart your SEO strategy and witness the change.