7 Ways Small Business Can Market Themselves Better on Social Networks


Hi there. If you are already reading my post here then the no. 7 has already played its part to get some luck for me. So I will also give you seven smart suggestions to grab your money in the digital worlds. You may be running a page, a YouTube channel or just a cool profile on facebook, these tips can work for anyone for having a better virtual life. Give it a shot. And to add, these are based on stats also. So we are not running behind “just luck”.

  1. Schedule the shot

We really should emphasize on the timing. Only by the clever usage of the “pick hours” a post can get more hits. In case of our country there happens to be some as well. Imagine if you were a corporate personality when would you actually go after random posts? Maybe the time when you are on your way to office (8-9 am), when the lunch break just starts (12- 2 pm) or maybe after finishing all the hassles round the day (10 – 12 pm). If you are smart enough, you should be able to determine the timing according to your target audience and exploit its fruits.

  1. Treat with tricks

When you are getting response from a certain group or individuals you target, it’s a trick to make them feel important. You can start following them. Know about them. Give proper responses when required. Sometimes posting peoples’ comments or texts in your page (if you have one) can do a great deal in gathering loyal targets. After all keep this in mind that you are dealing with humans and not robots. A bit of emotion can come to play.

  1. Contents to convince

“Contents” are the things you post or share. Remember, whatever method you are following, after all it comes down to what you post rather than how u post. In statistics based on our country it has been seen that anything that has a visual treat for the audience rather than just words were more successful. Add some relevant and awesome visualization (pictures or videos) to your expressions and see the magic for yourself.

  1. Controversies to connect

Controversies don’t always lead to bad things. Would like to give your audience the chance to “like” only? Or leaving a scope to share the voice is better? Whenever something controversial or a mere hint is added to the content it raises more feedbacks than just statements. So use this trick intelligently (also safely!) to give people some space to raise their voice. They are supposed to be more engaged with you.

  1. Highlight the hot stuffs

People like to skim through the random things they see on social networks. So you really want to hit them particularly with what’s hot in your stock. Make sure to highlight your punch lines or words to direct your audiences focus in the direction you want. Instead of just saying you are offering an Eid discount, make sure to focus on how big your discount is. That will make them more appealing to them.

  1. Opinions to operate

As I already mentioned getting involved has good fruits. If you are trying to make a brand new play in your market you should always ask for opinions from your market. Social networks can help you big time in this aspect. You can always know about their demands through this. Even if that is not your target, asking for their opinions will make them feel at home in your arena.

  1. “Trend smart” tattoo

Being up to date and knowing the flow is important. You cannot simply talk about baker bhai series while people are busy about Jon Snow. So it’s better to add a trend smart to the things you share. Somehow, relate them to the buzzwords and become a buzz yourself.

Best of luck for going “viral” from the next day. Thank me later.

This article was brought into being by Rafsan Sabab Khan, an aspiring young mind in the social and digital marketing space in Bangladesh.