Are you communicating with only 15% of your target audience?


We all are aware of the fact that the number of Facebook population in Bangladesh is growing at a faster rate and a majority of this population access through mobile phones. As of January 2017, Bangladesh has 26million

85% of Facebook Users in Bangladesh access through mobile phone
Facebook Users in Bangladesh

Facebook users of which 85% access from mobile phones.

Well, this invaluable piece of information is not only important to earn a positive impression that you are well updated and knowledgeable enough regarding the digital disruptions happening around, also truly an important fact for your consideration while designing and developing contents for your audience.

For your reference, few points have been highlighted here.

#1: 85% of our audience sees things differently as we see!

Yes, you heard it right! All the contents we are developing from the high configured PCs, visualising them from 19”+ screens with the help of high speed (mostly dedicated) Internet are seen by the majority from tiny mobile screens and with 2G or 3G connections. Hence, we need to check every time if our ad creative are adapted for the mobile views.

Here are 2 examples from 2 reputed e-commerce stores of Bangladesh taken from my mobile phone:


Here, the majority who are seeing this through a mobile phone like me might end up seeing 5% discount instead of 25% for


No one here is able to see the complete communication until he/she’s clicking on the picture!

#2: Only 1% of these mobile Facebook users access through Wi-Fi connection.

Moreover, today we see a lot of video contents in our newsfeed. Globally video campaigns have become the new trends for the digital marketers. How much are we ready to adapt this? According to Facebook Audience Insights the number is only 200,000! Which means the rest of the viewers need tAudience Insight - Digiologyo pay high costs to see your ad campaigns. Trust me, watching videos using mobile data are still too costly for an average Facebook user in Bangladesh.

This also leaves a question for thought for the brand managers who have spent millions to make and distribute wonderful video contents on this Valentine’s Day if they really have done this only for the 15-20% of their audience.

#3: Is your landing page ready to welcome the guests?

Be it a brand or an e-commerce store if you’re using the Facebook platform to take into your website and convert for an action to take, make sure you’re doing it in less than 5 seconds. Globally, if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load in mobile phone, 50% bounce immediately! So, it’s surely wastage of money to run website conversion campaigns if your site is not mobile friendly and takes years to load.

#4: People are usually not ready to participate in your high involving engagement campaigns when they are in mobile phones.

Think of the situation last time you spent on Facebook through your mobile phone. Let me guess few:

  1. Travelling to your way to office or to home, either tensed for being late or tired enough
  2. After the lunch break, while scrolling down slowly and gossiping with colleagues
  3. While having dinner or listening to TV news
  4. After the dinner, preparing for the bed

Now think a bit. Which of these moments do you think are energetic enough to make a purchase decision, to answer a puzzle or to submit your best coffee experience or your love story?

So, the bottom line is we can’t ignore or skip every 4 people out of 5 we are communicating in digital media if we want to achieve sustainable results through digital marketing. It’s high time we adapted our strategies for the majority.

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