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Monday, June 17, 2019

7 Digital Disruptions in 2016 that Every Bangladeshi Should Know

The familiar bemoaning of the millennial spoilt brats complaining about the internet speed and connection is extended to the more level-headed and sober members of the corporate clique as the former enters the job...

7 Ways Small Business Can Market Themselves Better on Social Networks

Hi there. If you are already reading my post here then the no. 7 has already played its part to get some luck for me. So I will also give you seven smart suggestions to grab your money in the digital worlds. You may be running a page, a YouTube channel or just a cool profile on facebook, these tips can work for anyone for having a better virtual life.

Understanding Your Consumer-Spouse through Data Mining

Your consumer base is in a lot of ways like your long-time spouse; you think you know her a 100% and then you suddenly discover she’s an excellent business adviser and you had no...