Demographics of Facebook Population in Bangladesh, April 2018


In this world of technology, we Bangladeshis are trailing behind. However, our story of digitization has been rapid. You can tell it by the growth of mobile phone and internet users in Bangladesh.

Current Outlay: According to BTRC’s November 2017’s report, there are 143.106 million phone users. Among them 74.736 million people use internet. Most of them spend majority of their time in social media. Among which Facebook is the most popular. There are approximately 25-30 million Facebook users in Bangladesh. 72% of them are male and 28% are female. Many of these users are aged between 18-24, who are more likely to be perusing undergraduate degree or working blue collar jobs. An astonishing amount of 86% Facebook users use Facebook only from mobile phone and 90% of them is android. The mobile phone usage scenario portrays that access to information and technology is easier than ever.

Aminul Hakim, the president of Internet Service Provider’s Association of Bangladesh, said 88 GB of the country’s total available 436 GB bandwidth is used for Facebook.(source: On an average, most professionals spend ৳300-400 per month on internet connections to use Facebook. The outlay is slightly higher for Wi-Fi users. An intriguing stat is Dhaka has the highest number of Facebook users in Bangladesh, which is 65% of total users of Bangladesh. Dhaka city is even ranked number one as the most populous city of Facebook users in the whole wide world. This is a mirage of Facebook craze in Bangladesh.

Facebook can be a potential platform to reach millions of consumers. Nowadays Facebook is a more effective way to reach people compared to television as people are always on Facebook. Most startups and brands have started to reach out to their consumers through Facebook because of better targeting and superior return on investment.

Essential bits of data: With 3.7 million users interested fitness, the industry is still at its nascent phase. Food is a rapidly growing sector with 8.6 million users following multifarious brands. Over 16 million users are constantly keeping tabs with shopping online. While 3.8 million people have added products to cart for checking out in the past week. This is a reflection of Bangladesh’s booming e-commerce sector. Close to 10 million people are following their favorite teams, clubs and players online. The number of Apple users have increased to 530,000. But Android is the undisputed king of the jungle with 16,000,000 million users.
Marketing today is more data driven than ever. Leveraging these data available at the marketer’s disposal will assist you in making the best use of your marketing budget.