Demographics of Facebook Population (Bangladesh), September 2017


The number of Internet users in Bangladesh is exploding. This explosion has been going on for more than a couple of years now and it is expected to continue because of the high penetration rate of smartphones and internet packages tailored to the need of almost every individual who can afford a smartphone. In a country that has almost one third of population below 30s; what most mean by using the internet is using Facebook.

Out of 67 million internet users in Bangladesh a whopping 26 million use Facebook which is more than 38%. Out of these 26 million 23 million of the Facebook users are below 35 years old which reflects the lifestyle of today’s tech savvy millennial.

People are accessing Facebook through their mobile phones in all walks of life from viewing their newsfeed while standing in the queue to replying to texts while stuck in a traffic jam. Android is the most popular OS with 22 million users while Apple trails at a mere 0.51 million users. Feature phone usage to access Facebook has dropped drastically over the past 6 months from 1.3 million to only 0.045 million which only speaks for the smartphone overhaul.

Facebook Demographics_Sep 2017

Almost 1.5 million people click the call to action buttons every week. Over 50% users have engaged in entertainment mediums like gaming and shows. Above 4 million users are interested in health and fitness. Food has a special place in the heart of over 6 million people. Almost 11 million people have either liked or purchased from online stores. Last but not the least; almost one third of the population are following sports on Facebook.

Facebook Demographics


All these boring numbers are invaluable piece of information for every marketers if he/she can derive the exact business insights from these numbers and make the best utilization of these data through targeting properly.