Demographics of Facebook population (Bangladesh), January 2017


The number of people using Facebook is increasing day by day in Bangladesh, even people who don’t know how to browse in Internet also got their own Facebook account. Therefore it is immensely important that we are updated about the Bangladeshi Facebook population and their behavioral dimensions.

#1: 26 million active Facebook population

The number of people using Facebook in Bangladesh thus is very astonishing. As of January 2017, with a 60% growth from the last year we have got 26 million active Facebook users.

Demographics & Insights of Facebook population (Bangladesh) as of January 2017#2: 85% of the Facebook population access from phones

Majority of that people that use Facebook browse it via mobile phones. Apparently 85% of them access from their cellphones/mobile phones. 80% browse via mobile phones only, 17% of them use both mobile phones and PC/laptops. Only 3% of the Facebook using people rely on their personal computers solely to browse Facebook.

85% of Facebook Users in Bangladesg access through mobile phone

facebook population in bangladesh 2017 digiology

#3: Smartphones and androids are the way to go for the Facebook population in Bangladesh

18.5 million from that 85% of Facebook population in Bangladesh who browse the social networking platform via mobile phones, use smartphones and the other 1.3 million have feature phones to browse, which indicates the growing preference of smartphones of the Facebook population of our country. And among those smartphone using people, almost 99% of them prefer androids (approximately 18 million), and the rest 1% prefer iPhone (0.45 million) and windows phone (0.051 million).

facebook population in bangladesh digiology

Source: Facebook Audience
Infograph Contribution: GEEKY Social