Facebook Live for Business!


Facebook live is one of the most cost effective social media tools to connect with mass audiences. For every startup founders and entrepreneurs it’s great platform to get connected and interact with his/her fans. This has become a significantly popular medium to the tech entrepreneurs for audience engagement for last few months. Despite being a relatively easy and popular medium, It’s not very frequently or wisely used in our country. It takes a bit of creativity to really engage with people.

Here’re few tips from Digiology team for the local entrepreneurs of how they can utilize this awesome tool for their audience engagement.

Short Video:

Behind the scenes: You can give a sneak peek of your regular business affairs or a melody of the new music you are creating.

Life tips: You could do a series where you give a tip every day. A very recent and popular tip recently has been- start off by making your bed.

Polls: Polls have been very useful and very engaging recently. Polls can be used to generate content suggestions from the audience.

These videos can range from 5-10 minutes.

Long Video:

A book summary: Entrepreneurs tend to read a lot of books. You can share what you have learnt from a book in a 10-30 minute video. You can relate the teachings to your life and share with the audience on how it has benefitted you.

Product review: You can review a product that your firm has launched on a live video from your page. You can directly introduce your new release to your followers for free.

30 minutes and longer:

Seminar: You can share the video of your seminar to your audience.

Event Footage: Whether you are the speaker or you are an attendee the viewer loves any peak you have inside the event.

A day in the life: Take viewers in the scene of a business pitch or press conference and so on.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing: You can team up with another fellow entrepreneur and share industry specific insights by going live.

Talented entrepreneurs can carve out a plethora of different ways to go live depending on their business and product offerings. These are just a few tips above. The secret sauce behind succeeding on Facebook live will be quality content. A live content creator will be only successful if his audience enjoy and find his/her content relevant.


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Mahadi Hasan is an entrepreneur cum digital marketing expert. He cofounded the 360-degree social and digital media marketing company GEEKY Social Limited in 2014 and is currently the Managing Director of the company. To know more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mhsagor/