Facebook Live: A revolutionary platform to engage and interact

Facebook Live

Digital marketing is getting more and more expensive everyday due to increased bidding wars and competition. In such a competitive landscape, Facebook has blessed us with Facebook Live where we can interact with our followers in our own unique way.  Facebook Live is a cost effective real time engagement platform where you can connect to your audience in a way never done before.

page manager live

You can narrate your story your way. You can be funny or sincere according to your brand persona. You can use doodles, filters and what not to make your video more humorous.facebook live 1

You can interact with people real time and reply to their queries while being live. And that’s not all, you can save your video and broadcast round the globe after your session is done.

To start your video all you need is a good internet connection and any device that can record video. You can use the Facebook app or Pages Manager app to go live from android/IOS devices, or you can use the live API from your desktop control panel to go live from desktop using your webcam or professional camera.pro camera live

As we all know content is king, before going live you should brainstorm on the type of content your audience would love. Some popular genres are Q&A session, news report, interviews, discussing hot topics, a peek behind the scenes, demo, gaming experience, etc. The content must be relevant with your brand. If you are entrepreneur you can share a success story or do a product review. If you are a musician you could give them a sneak at your personal life or sing a music preview. Every viewer loves to connect, make sure you give them something they can connect to.


You can schedule your video live to build anticipation. You can use the ‘Get reminded’ notification to remind the audience of your show minutes before the event.anticipation

The people who got reminded can join the lobby. The lobby is an interactive place where people can interact with others while waiting.


Sometimes you might not have a strong enough internet connection or your content might not need a video. Then you can do an audio only broadcast and avail all the features mentioned above. The key takeaway is the listeners can play the audio in background and browse around if they wish to if it’s an audio only live show.

audio live

If you don’t have a professional camera you can transform your cell phone into a professional one by using tripods, condenser microphones, etc.

Let’s jump into metrics now,

Peak live viewers: The highest number of viewers who viewed your show for at least 3 seconds. It also shows when you had the highest number of viewers.

metrics live

Audience and Engagement: It shows when and how many viewers engaged in different ways throughout the video by commenting, reacting, etc.

metrics live 2

There are a few more metrics which are very easy to grasp like 10 second views, unique views, etc. which are not being explained here.

You can monetize your live videos by using the branded content tag. Branded contents are contents which are sponsored by a third party. Third parties can boost and share your videos. They can also view the metrics if they are tagged in your post. You can also conduct live lotteries, giveaways, games to monetize on live video.


Some Facebook live best practices are: build anticipation by scheduling and posting about the show prior to event. You can ask your audience to ask question via the comments section and answer them. You can also make your video more discoverable by tagging locations on the Facebook Live Map. Most important part- test your data/WiFi connection prior to going live.


Once you start, give the viewers some time to join in the first few minutes and interact with the viewers as much as possible. Mention their names while answering questions. This brings a touch of personalization and connection to your audience.

live 2

Always try broadcasting for longer periods of time. This allows customers time to join a session. Never end a session abruptly. Let them know before leaving and invite them for your next session.

Once you are done, publish and share the video to reach more people. Provide and updated description about the video. Did something remarkable happen while broadcasting? What was interesting about the session? Always keep things interesting and spicy.

Success stories:

Brazilian racing driver Felipe Massa published a video in which his 7-year-old son, Felipinho, challenged Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo to a Crazy Kart race at his home.