Facebook Marketing Tactics: choosing the right campaign objective!


Do you know that Facebook can now cater almost all your marketing needs irrespective of business nature and size? Be it online or offline, be it a multinational company or a local beauty salon, Facebook can achieve all your business objectives with its family of apps and ad solutions.

Different marketing objectives*You might see few campaigns in different names and in different position. 

If you have noticed, there are at least 10 different campaign objectives in Facebook Ad Manager’s dashboard to cater our diversified business needs. Now we need to know the purpose of each of these campaigns to choose the right one for our business. In this blog we will discuss each of these campaigns so we can choose the right one for us.

First of all, all these campaigns are distributed across three different stages of customer journey, namely: awareness, consideration & conversion. So, to choose the right objective we have to decide our stage of communication first. Whether we are at the awareness stage or conversion stage is really very important question to answer before choosing the right campaign objective.

To start with, at the Awareness stage we have 2 campaigns:

1. Brand Awareness: Brand awareness campaign is usually done to raise awareness for new brands or product launch where Facebook optimize for Ad recall lift (the number of people can remember seeing the Ad if asked within 2 days). These sort of campaigns are done for longer duration and should be supported by a large amount of budget.

2. Reach Campaign: When the objective is to reach the maximum number of people at lowest cost possible, then we should go for the reach campaign. We can also control the average frequency of our total impressions served through frequency cap in this campaign. Advanced marketers use this campaigns along with TVC and RDC to ensure the maximum coverage.

For the consideration stage we have 5 different categories of campaigns:

3. Traffic: This is the prime campaign to drive one’s website traffic where we can optimize for clicks, reach, impression or landing page view. We can track these website traffic through Facebook pixel which we can use later on for conversion campaign.

4. Engagement: Engagement campaign is one of the most used campaign format in Bangladesh. This is an alternative of boost post. However, with this engagement campaign we can promote any particular post for engagement, the page itself for like campaign or an event for responses.

5. App Installs: If our business have an app and we want people to install our apps, this is our campaign to choose. Like the traffic campaign for website, we can also track people who have installed our apps from this campaign through app SDK for remarketing.

6. Video Views: If we have some video assets and we want maximum views, then video views is our campaign. Here Facebook optimize for the maximum number of views of our videos. Please have a look at the other matrices like, 10 seconds view or view with sound and without sound for a true measure.

7. Lead Generation: Facebook has this special type of campaign where it collects leads for our businesses in the form of subscription. The interesting part is this campaign can collect a lots of useful data about the people who are subscribing without redirecting him to a new site or typing anything. This is a great tool for lead generation specially in the mobile platform.

Finally at the conversion stage we have:

8. Conversions: Conversions campaign is so far the most amazing campaign type Facebook has ever introduced where it optimizes for a particular action in our website which matters to us and charges only for that action. For example we want to sell from our website, we can run a conversion campaign for Purchase (Facebook will charge only if someone purchase from our website). Of course this has to be connected with Facebook Pixel.

9. Product Catalogue Sales: This is an advanced campaign tool for the eCommerce owners where one can promote a set of multiple products including Dynamic Ads and Collection Ad format.

10. Store Visit: This is the campaign for the local brick and mortar stores that wants to promote to the people of nearby locations. With this campaign we can promote our business in the nearby places through radius targeting where our physical stores are located.

These are the available campaigns in Facebook for the Bangladesh market. You might see different names for some of these campaigns in your dashboard. Whatever the name is, the functions are same as described here. Feel free to comment if you have any disagreement or query.

To get a thorough understanding of all of these campaigns and to master the best practices, you may consider taking the compete training on Facebook Marketing organised by GEEKY Social.