Bangladesh is hardly a new name in the glossy world of tech biggies. And now the latest name to join the legion is of Imran Khan. The Snapchat CSO, appointed in 2015, has been an interesting addition to the company. Inciting rumors and arousing inspiration, Imran is no stranger to the public eye. The global tech industry as well as home ground Bangladesh has long been abuzz with tales about him. Read on as we decrypt this mysterious man behind the name.

The University of Denver alumnus started small in a satellite-broadband start-up called Wildblue. Thus it launched a dizzying career. His first big break was in JPMorgan where he eventually became head of global internet and a valuable internet analyst. A strategic player through and through, Imran made the switch to Credit Suisse. It was laudable transition to the banking division. By the time the “star tech banker” boarded the Snapchat ship, Imran’s professional career was already a soaring success.

A handful of executives can be accredited to Snapchat’s rise and this includes Imran. Within a year of joining, the Bangladeshi-born helped grow the ultra-popular app’s revenue to grow from $58.7 million to $404.5 million with his strategies. With Snapchat’s meteoric rise to a $25 billion dollar juggernaut, the crafty CSO assumed the role of a tech millionaire.

Imran Khan’s reputation precedes him. Eliciting contrasting opinions across the industry, adjectives used to describe him run the gamut from opportunistic to industrious. The unanimous feeling, though, is that this is a man who knows to maneuver opportunities to the best advantage. A self-made name in the tech industry, the world better watch out for this latest tech bigwig.