Why Should You Pursue a Career in Digital Marketing?


The world is not going digital, it is digital! Every aspect of our lives is now becoming a product of digital transformation. And this includes our careers, our professional lives. In addition to the traditional marketing careers, a career in digital marketing is such a new reality. Standing at the turning point of global trends, we find that the old skill set just doesn’t cut it anymore. Who would have thought wildly popular jobs of the past would now be considered obsolete? Yet today, within what seems like the blink of an eye, the professional landscape has completely changed.

The advent of digital media ushered in a new era in every industry that matters. Take a look at marketing, for instance. Crucial for any business that wants to thrive, digital marketing, since its inception, has taken charge. Faster, more targeted and definitely more relevant, it may very well push traditional marketing into breathing its last. Businesses are already bracing themselves for what’s to come. Digital ad spend is increasing every day and expected to reach a whopping $237 billion in 2018. In a world that is constantly evolving to keep up with changes, your career needs to evolve too. Hence comes the tide of a career in digital marketing.

The Demand Frenzy

After years of studying hard, nobody wants to end up out of work, right? Yet that’s the story of so many talented young graduates, struggling with unemployment. However, making smart career choices can help you survive in this cutthroat competition.

Digital marketing is still in a fledgling phase, growing and reinventing itself. Especially in countries like Bangladesh, struggling to make sense of it all, there are endless opportunities. Any business now knows the importance of having a strong digital presence. The shortage of the right skills, though, has made it into the most in-demand career stream today. With the demand heavily outweighing supply, a career in digital marketing is a nothing short of a goldmine for young students. So, if you want a solid, thriving career with lots of promising opportunities, digital marketing is the way to go.

Creativity Matters

We all know how important it is for today’s generation to be in touch with their creative side. With our need to do things our own way and explore the great unknown, a career in digital marketing is a perfect fit.

With consumers being bombarded with content every moment of their days, marketers need to be able to stand out across digital channels. Your natural tendency to experiment and play things up is your strongest suit here. Think about it. The active imagination which always got you into trouble back in school could very well give your career a head start over others. Maybe the next big thing to break the internet could be your idea, born in one of those late night coffee-fuelled brainstorming sessions. Needless to say, the feeling of your latest successful project becoming the talk of the town is priceless.

Setting Loose

So, the traditional 9-5 job may not be your cup of tea. Perhaps you are the unconventional, unrestrained type who works by their own rules. Maybe your head is buzzing with ideas but you don’t have an outlet. Well, a person pursuing a digital marketing career never has to worry about being tied down with rules and norms.

The digital marketing landscape is very dynamic. It operates at breakneck speed and welcomes out-of-the-box thinkers who can change things for the better. There is no place to be a stickler for rules here. You are even encouraged to push the boundaries to come up with something spectacular. And for a young free-spirited person, what could be better? Besides, the agency life presents you with a bunch of like minded people, just as eager as you to make their mark in the world. Nothing like the boring corporate professionals who try to pigeonhole you, this is your very own squad- passionately driven, wildly creative and maybe even a tad crazy. With a workplace like this, Sunday mornings are fun again.

In the world of digital marketing, being different is celebrated. Add that to the insane demand and growing potential, it is no wonder that the future is going to be all about digital marketing. So, if you are an upbeat person with a knack for advertising and challenges, digital marketing is the right place for you.