Social and Digital Marketing: Key to the Digital Consumers’ Minds


Fire… Wheel… Blacksmithing… Combustion Engine… Telephone… Lightbulb… Computer… Internet… Facebook…

The things that defined their eras always changed the world and everything about it. The world has changed and marketing has evolved. And Evolution weeds out those who can’t compete.

It began fifteen years ago when the provocative musings of Levine, Locke, Searls and Weinberger set the stage for a grand era of social media marketing with the publication of “The Cluetrain Manifesto” and their vigorous declaration of “the end of business as usual.” Brands started embracing online communities as a plausible way to communicate with people. It had begun.

Social and Digital Marketing: Key to the Digital Consumers’ Minds
We’re seeing an influx of social and digital media marketing platforms and exponential growth in their users.

Fifteen years later, the world has changed. For the general population around the world social media identity is no longer an option or luxury; it’s a commodity. For marketers it’s no longer an unpaid media of opportunities; it’s a complex and maze-like content distribution, production and marketing channel. The new era of marketing dictates strong social media presence of companies in order to survive in a world where all competition is taking every possible marketing and advertisement route.

There are about 14 million Facebook users in Bangladesh. And, Facebook is no longer an unpaid media as it used to be. Its organic reach is on the brink of non-existence. To expect social media marketing to be costless is pure illusionism. To adapt to the new world of business, companies need to accept the reality and also seek help of professionals who can manipulate the world of social media marketing to their best advantage.

The evolution of social media marketing isn’t on equilibrium. Its on a rampant and chaotic process of constant change. Content Marketing is getting bigger, Marketing-to-Location is developing, everything on the social-media globe is being shared more, more pictures are being used, information is becoming more direct and simple, B2B marketers are using social media more, 3D printing is becoming a innovative way to attract customers…everything is changing. In the fast-changing technological world that we live in, it’s vital that business persons stay abreast of the latest trends and prepare for those that will be most effective in the future.

In short, the world now presents two options in front of marketers. One can ignore social media as a marketing channel or adapt to the new world and thrive.

This article was brought into being by Adib Saadman, an aspiring young mind in the social and digital marketing space in Bangladesh.