How to Sustain in An Untrusted Industry?


Why are people not buying your product online?

Why your turnover rate is still heading backward?

Why is your eCommerce site is still not getting ample amount of traffic or visitor?

You may think eCommerce market in Bangladesh is still not matured enough or yet not ready to go big and long. But this perception about the eCommerce industry may completely be proved wrong if you just observe the growth rate of certain online shopping sites in Bangladesh.

Few online shopping site such as,, and, are practicing the best standards of the industry or simply creating the benchmark for other online shops in the country. So, what qualifies one company to set the bar? or become the most trusted eCommerce site in Bangladesh? Is it simply offering the best price to the customers or providing the best quality product? Let’s see what really goes on, inside one of the most trusted online shopping sites in Bangladesh –

Selling Only Products with Official Brand Warranty:
This standard is strictly maintained by from the very beginning of its journey. And therefore they earned genuine trust and confidence from the online shoppers in this untrustworthy industry where people don’t hold much faith. Offering absolute genuine product with an official brand warranty is a must for any eCommerce firm who wishes to stay strong and grow further in this dynamic industry.

Considering Customer Feedback Seriously:
Recording genuine customer feedback, and taking immediate action to solve the matter correctly is very important for any online shop to gain full customer trust. If you have any previous shopping experience with Pickaboo than you may already know how much they are eager to have customer feedback. They continuously collect customer feedback from social media platforms, website product reviews and through customer support officials.

Offering Easy Return Facility:
This is one of the most exclusive value added services offered by Every online shopping sites should follow this industry best practice performed by this online mobiles and electronics store. In the context of Bangladesh eCommerce industry, this trait is must for any online shop who aims to gain customer credence and assurance. Pickaboo is offering 3 Days Easy Return policy to all their customers on all available products on site.

Initiating Customer Loyalty Program:
As the name suggests this particular value added service enables eCommerce firms to preserve customer satisfaction and trust for a long term by teaming up with the interested partners. This special program will be exclusively launched by for their loyal customers and that will be treated as the new and best initiative taken by any online shopping sites in Bangladesh. This may prove to be the best practice within the industry.

After knowing all above things you may guess that achieving full satisfaction and gaining complete trust from the customers is not a “piece of cake”. All those online shopping sites who are trying vigorously to establish the trustworthy culture in the Bangladeshi eCommerce industry are spending a fortune, time and energy. most probably is ahead in the race for bringing a positive change in the eCommerce industry of Bangladesh. Adopting and sustaining the strategies of this online mobiles and electronics selling store can help other online shops to gain customers’ faith and loyalty.