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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Running a Digital Marketing Campaign: What to Measure?

During my last two years of career as a digital marketer, handling more than 20 clients of different sizes and industry background, the question...

7 Ways Small Business Can Market Themselves Better on Social Networks

Hi there. If you are already reading my post here then the no. 7 has already played its part to get some luck for me. So I will also give you seven smart suggestions to grab your money in the digital worlds. You may be running a page, a YouTube channel or just a cool profile on facebook, these tips can work for anyone for having a better virtual life.

5 Lesser-used Social Media Platforms in Bangladesh and Our Comfort Zones

The comfort zone is probably the single worst place to be. A place where you feel so comfortable that you’re not even in willing...

Understanding Your Consumer-Spouse through Data Mining

Your consumer base is in a lot of ways like your long-time spouse; you think you know her a 100% and then you suddenly...

Social and Digital Marketing: Key to the Digital Consumers’ Minds

Fire… Wheel… Blacksmithing… Combustion Engine… Telephone… Lightbulb… Computer… Internet… Facebook… The things that defined their eras always changed the world and everything about it. The...