Targeting beyond Facebook Ad Manager


As a digital marketer or Facebook marketer any information regarding our audience’s Social Economic Class(SEC) or professional attributes is really very important to target perfectly. Though we don’t get much accurate information about people’s economic condition or income level from Facebook, we can utilize some proxy behavioural aspects which we can easily derive from Facebook Ad Manager or Facebook Audience Insights to make educated guess about income level and economic class of our target audience. Below are few examples:

What is your audience’s professional background?

We can target people through their professional background. Facebook allows us to identify people working in different industries. Following infograph gives us interesting insights about the professional background of all Bangladeshi Facebook users.

Facebook Users from Different Profession in Bangladesh

According to Facebook Ad Manager, as of March 2017 we see people from Financial industry has got the highest penetration (almost 1 million) among all other industry. People from marketing and event management companies ranks second in the list with half a million users. Interestingly a good number of Government employees are joining Facebook day by day.

Infograph Source: GEEKY Social Ltd.

We can also dig further through adding the job title in our target sets. For example if we intend to target the top level managers in banks and financial institutions we can target people works in Financial industry holding top level job title i.e., Director, CXO, VP etc. Or if we are trying to advertise the latest edition of a software, definitely people from IT sector will be our first priority.

What device do they use to browse Facebook?

As majority (more than 85%) of Bangladeshi Facebook users use mobile phone to access Facebook, we can also utilize information of their mobile device to get an idea about their technological adaptability, lifestyle and purchasing power.

Facebook population in Bangladesh digiology
Demographics of Facebook Population in Bangladesh

For example, we can assume people who are using high-end smartphones have higher purchasing power than that of feature phone users.

Sometimes we can also use the information about their internet connectivity. It is obvious that people using Facebook through mobile phone with WiFi connection belong to an upper economic class.