YouTube Marketing 101


Video content is driving internet traffic. And YouTube, the biggest video content platform in the world, is leading the way. With 3.25 billion hours of watchtime each month and 5 hours of video content uploaded every second to the platform, the numbers speak for themselves. The hours we spend caught up in an endless loop of funny cat videos is yet another example of this epidemic. What does this mean for the marketing industry though? Just that any business that can’t cope with this massive shift in trends will have to clear the way. Bangladeshi businesses aren’t probably an exception either.


With the enormous traffic that YouTube draws in everyday- approximately 1,325,000,000 people- it can be aptly assumed that your audience is hooked on to it. Whether you are selling fashion clothing that you have brought from Kolkata New Market to Bangladesh or high-end makeup brands like MAC, videos are the stamp of validation that your customer is seeking and YouTube is the platform of choice. So, be ready to dedicate extra time and planning into your YouTube channel. If you want substantial brand presence and an unwavering customer base, you will need to work for it.

Step 1: Setting up the Channel

Firstly, set up a YouTube brand account of your business. Once you have done so, click on “Edit Layout” to put a face to your channel. For your channel icon, you may use the brand logo. It is recommended to match this across all social media accounts of the business for instant brand recognition. Next, you will have to select the channel art. This needs to be chosen wisely as this image will end up plastered all over your channel and the right selection is sure to grab attention. You could use YouTube’s own channel art templates to create a channel art which is visually appealing as well as consistent with the overall brand aesthetic.


Be sure to add a channel description and link viewers to company social media accounts and website. Many businesses skip out on this and hence, put off viewers who were actively looking for information. A clear, succinct description, backed by website link, is an important tool for driving sales in itself.

With the basic layout of your channel complete, you can now further flourish it with a few finishing touches. An amazing new feature making the rounds is channel trailer. Presented to the unsubscribed viewers of your content, it is the complete package that shows viewers why they need to subscribe. Keep it short and simple; the channel trailer should ideally be a well rounded 60-second clip of everything your channel is about.

Step 2: Uploading relevant contents

Your channel is now ready to be populated with videos. This does not mean an endless volley of irrelevant videos. Your video content needs to be congruent to the core message of your brand and stay true to its promise. The following types of videos have always generated rousing response among viewers: customer testimonials, product reviews, tutorials, thought leader interviews. YouTube Live, broadcasting live, unfiltered content, is also useful if your business wants to grow and gauge brand-customer interaction in real-time.

Any good content is powered by a clear goal. Define your goal: what does your brand want to achieve through its videos? Brand awareness, driving website traffic, adding more subscribers or simply going viral over social networking sites? If you know your goal, use your videos to proceed with tunnel vision towards it. Now, the time is for your creativity to come to play. Get started on the story arc, pacing and visuals that you want to present to the viewers.

Prepare a storyboard for your video- a sort of sketched outline to guide your video shoot. Focus on the nuances of your video; time of day, lighting and subtle camera motions can have a huge impact on the quality of your content. Make sure the sequencing is seamless and crisp with zero hitches. Introduce your brand, show the viewers what they are in for and finally, dive into the meat of your content. Remember to plug in a call to action (CTA) somewhere within to lead the viewers down the path you want them to take. End on a sweet note by imparting some advice or recommendation- you have now successfully gained the trust of the viewer.


A crucial detail to keep in mind is the length of your video. Nobody likes a video that drags on too long; even the most loyal customer may end up feeling betrayed. Statistics tell that videos under 4 minutes receive the highest levels of engagement on YouTube and therefore, that is the optimum length you should be aiming for. In case of a detailed tutorial, 10 minutes is as long as it can go.

Step 3: Reaching the relevant audience through optimization

Once you have released your engaging content into the world, it’s time to optimize them to rank highly in search engines. The top 3 search results on both YouTube and Google account for an unfair 64% of clicks. Still think you shouldn’t optimize your video content?


To send your videos surging up the search engines, video metadata is the first place to start. This includes the video title, description, tags, category, category, thumbnail, subtitles and closed captions. Filling in the right information in these ensures YouTube is indexing your videos accurately.  Incorrect information can result your videos ending up in the wrong places or worse, removed from the platform entirely.

YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) shares many of its basic principles with web page SEO. Do a bit of research on high ranking keywords on both Google and YouTube to substantially grow your views. Add the highest ranking ones to the titles while the additional helpful keywords can be placed in the video description to cover all the bases.

Important closing remarks:

There is no tried-and-tested method to YouTube marketing and chances are, you won’t get it right the first time. But don’t let that discourage you. Experimentation is key here. So, feel free to play around with all the different variables- content, keywords, length and audience- and find out what works best. Once you do find the sweet spot, let that take your YouTube branding game to the next level.