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Calves for sale in alabama

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From our family to yours, we work hard to raise premium cattle and hogs that will ensure quality and nutrituous meals for your home. At Trinity Farms sa,e offer families all-natural beef and pork just like the days of old.

Just a little early history

We sell a select few of our cattle for processing. Good dispositions are a must.

Contact Debter Hereford Farm is a family ranching operation, located in north central Alabama. We custom raise our animals to give you a healthy, economic and convenient meat option. We know the importance of milking ability, easy fleshing, good udder quality, performance, soundness, and fertility.

We have recently expanded the business by purchasing a farm in central Alabama. Wendell and Nan had the foresight to see the future for these hybrid animals as seedstock and decided it was the direction they wanted to go with fog operation.

The gibbs family

Today Gibbs Farms calves approximately cows each fall in a very tight 60 day calving season. While the ssle has an Alabama mailing address, there are actually more cattle roaming Georgia pastures than Alabama.

Doug, however, is a different story. Wendell grew up heavily involved with his father in his farming xale. Wendell and Nan realized many years ago the importance of marketing their product rather than merely selling it. It has since grown into a full cattle operation where we raise Angus mama cows and finished calves. We have an indoor sale barn fot that was built inin which we hold our bull sales.

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Since we raise our cattle and hogs in a natural, healthy manner, it's reflected in the taste. Our Cow Herd Simmental was introduced at Gibbs Farms in and the transition from Polled Hereford to Simmental began. The warmer climate enables us to graze cattle for a longer period of time and we can reach all of our customers much easier. A lot of things sael changed since that time. They assisted in bringing groups of commercial breeders together to establish Board Sales where they could market their calves in large groups for a premium.

All of the hay land is sprigged hybrid bermudagrass and is oftentimes double cropped with ryegrass during the winter for an early spring cutting of hay.

Welcome to trm

Clean-up bulls used are generally either a sire that is currently being marketed for semen sales, or either a young candidate that is in the process of being proven, sal hopes that he might have that same opportunity down the road. That sale and the one following the next year were both tremendous successes, especially considering the magnitude of the project, and doing it while establishing a new sale.

Gordon is known nationally and internationally as an outstanding judge of cattle.

We raise bulls for commercial farms and Angus breeders in the Southeast. We stand behind the philosophy that you should know where your food comes from and how it's raised so you can ensure only the best for you home.

The meat should also be healthy, just like God intended and better than store bought. During those 27 years, much of the farm workload fell on the shoulders of Nan as they continued to build their beef cattle herd and raise a family. Computer programs at the farm contain complete performance information for the cow herd for the past three decades including extensive carcass data collection for close to 20 years.

Currently, Gibbs Farms markets approximately yearling bulls, bred young females, and yearling heifers through an annual sale the second Saturday in November in addition to approximately 50 — 60 yearling bulls marketed private treaty each year. The valuable carcass data received from these age and source verified cattle after harvest, is used to increase the value of our product, as well as that of our customers. Eventually, Gibbs Farms decided to put their calves to the true profitability test by retaining ownership.

Doug handles the day to day operation of the farm, while doing the reproductive work and helping with the genetic decisions for the direction of the program. Bradley manages the role of Herdsman and oversees bull and heifer development.

Livestock in alabama

Wendell and Nan have three children, Doug born inLorie born inand Wendy born in Encouragements of crabgrass, dallasgrass and other summer grasses, as well as the use of ryegrass in the cool seasons, are methods used to dilute the fescue. Wendy and her husband, Chad Young yes, two son-in-laws named Chadare both in the field of education as administrators, with Chad holding the position of Superintendent of Cleburne County Schools.

to set up a time to view our cattle or with any questions.

The predominant pasture grasses are fescue and common bermudagrass. Debter Hereford Farm has been in operation since utilizing solid performance Hereford cattle.

alabsma That's part of why we entered into the cattle business so we could raise cattle and hogs like the old days, free-range and hormone-free. Calves reach about pounds on two diet tracks — grass-fed and natural-finished. Calveaafter feeling the call to his roots, Doug and Lucretia sold their business and Doug went to work solely with Gibbs Farms. Through complete herd performance data collection, carcass data, and now the complete herd genomic testing data, we are confident that we are providing our customer with the best genetic prediction in the industry.

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Over the years, Grandpa Dewey provided for his family by row cropping, owning and operating a saw mill, a cotton gin, and ultimately establishing his own feed mill and network of poultry broiler and breeder houses. You can choose from a whole or half and customize the cuts for your family's needs. We breed for balance and focus on economic and maternal traits.

This tradition continues today as the Gibbs grandkids can be found in show rings in both Alabama and Georgia. The Gibbs Family They have four children, Trey, Capves, Grace, and Ella. You order what you need. Our Location Here at Trinity Farms, our mission is to provide an excellent, healthy product that exceeds customer expectations.

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Beef Industry Involvement That's exactly what you get with us. We work hard to make sure our bulls are performance bred, stout, alaabama ready to work for you. As the demand for black hided cattle began to accelerate, the decision was made to put Angus bulls to work at Gibbs Farms in