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Definition of heroine Wants Sexy Meeting

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Definition of heroine

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In books and movies, the heroine is the woman who is the main character, and in comic books and fantasy novels, heroines often have superpowers that help them accomplish incredible feats. Recent Examples on the Web When a mob gathers to kill Hannah, the book becomes a tale of witchcraft and adventure, with honor, and the heroine, winning in the end.

Definition of heroine 1a : a mythological or legendary woman often of divine descent having great strength or ability b : a woman admired and emulated for her achievements and qualities American heroines such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Rosa Parks remembered as the edfinition of the flood 2a : the principal female character in a literary or dramatic work the heroine of Heroinne Romeo and Juliet b : the central female figure in an event or period Herojne of heroine in a Sentence The town remembered her as the heroine of the flood and erected a statue in her honor.

Random Word heroine A heroine is a real-life or fictional woman who has lots of courage and fights on the side of good, maybe by rescuing a kitten from a tree, slaying an evil dragon, or helping you with your science fair project. Send us feedback.

Heroine sounds the same as the addictive drug heroin, but a heroine will save your life, while heroin will probably end it.