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Want Private Sex Gay hitchhiking stories

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Gay hitchhiking stories

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Of course I'm drug and disease free as should be hitcnhiking that replies. Im so. Children are okay as I like to be around them and have them in my life.

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Two rather good looking guys kissing and handling each other's genitals.

I figured I had scared him off by staring at his junk but to my surprise he was sat at a table and motioned for me to come over! We played football together, and I don't think hitvhhiking of us had thought of it until we were in the locker room and shower so much together. He reached down with his one hand and slid his finger into my butt crack, as I moaned my approval he continued till his finger was at the opening of my poophole! I had one woman who turned around in her RV and picked me up because she was convinced I was the Messiah.

He took my clothes off and this was an experience that I wanted to treasure.

Picking up a stray

I mean I wasn't planning that anything like this would happen. Hitchjiking gently but thoroughly washed his thighs, his scrotum and hips. For years, I hitchhiked to meetings with the school board, or with the superintendent. Leaning back he pulled further, gazing at the large, soft tube of flesh as he slowly uncovered it.

Undoing stigma: hitchhiking as a young, gay man

His long lashes lay against the clear, rosy tan skin of his cheek. The moment I started letting up the pressure around my lips he thrusted his cock against my mouth causing my mouth to open. Remy was expecting his call when he arrived, but Michael called twenty miles outside of Raleigh-Durham and asked him to meet him at the Avis Rent-a-Car at the airport. I just focus all my attention on totally loving the hitchhiling, no matter whether the car picks me up or not.

And I was tired.

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Hanging up, he said, "Crap! The speed and passion of their sucking and thrusting each aled to the other the nearing orgasm. It was dark, probably about 9 p. Beautiful Remy. He brushed his teeth, shaved and got into the shower.

He looked at Michael's nakedness. In years past I would unfurl my tent in whatever stoeies I judged adequate. Michael had checked out the hotels. We were all having fun, drinking, telling jokes and stories pretty much through the night.

He stripped to his briefs before entering the bathroom, and again noticed Remy watching him rather openly. He was half finished when the hitchhiker emerged from the men's room, his knapsack slung over his shoulder, and sat at the counter to eat a sweet roll and hitchhikinh his coffee. He admired the muscular torso, resisting an urge to touch it. Remy's hand touched the softly swollen shaft of his cock lightly.

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There was a young guy - college kid he'd guess - washing up and taking a change of clothes out of his knapsack. My worst storries as a hitchhiker have been with the cops.

I was very horny and I wanted desperately to feel him out. Afterwards as they finished toweling dry, Michael said, "I called my wife and office and told them that I had car trouble and would not be back before night, maybe not until tomorrow. In a word, community. I stood there for about four hours before I sstories a ride.

Michael ordered coffee and a stack of pancakes with scrambled eggs.

Please follow us

I reached around and gave him the ol' rusty trombone for about five minutes, savouring the flavour of his young ass! He promised to call if he could not get on the road until Saturday.

He pressed his tongue against the hard tube on the underside of Michael's cock and stroked up and down. My knees finally bent at the pressure he was exerting and I found myself eye level with his monster cock. Before I had a chance to move I felt his knees on the back of my legs, pinning me to the couch. Michael's cock began to stir and lengthen, as much from Remy's nakedness as from anticipation of what was about to happen.

By macout mann

And I lost it. I even had money with me, so I knew I could buy myself a ticket out of there anytime, but I kept thinking that I was going to give it my all. He sat up and looked at the sleeping young man next to him. In Needles, California, we met Joe, who was blind and needed someone to drive him and his car home to Mississippi.

The hitchhiker

I stood up, looked around but I didn't see anyone. Not only did the motel have three triple-x channels, it had ONLY the three triple-x channels. At first it was awkward, but after a few minutes their rhythm was synchronized - Remy raising and lowering his mouth along the length of Michael's cock and Michael thrust in and out, and Remy moving his hips up and down as Michael's head moved up and down along Remy's cock.

When the next train came I was all ready to jump and then out popped hhitchhiking railroad detective, the railroad dick as the tramps call him. He didn't even mind.