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Ima goodlady

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She's really the evil lady Ima agrees that Friday is the best one for her. She has platinum blonde hair with pink streaks of highlights and pale pink pumps.

Sedusa ( tv series)

goodlady Realizing the truth, the Professor refused to listen and ordered the girls to call the police, angrily declaring that Sedusa will never deceive them again, thus ending their relationship. Bellum then manages to sucker punch Sedusa and swim out. The girls then proceeded to introduce themselves and the Professor. She also has olive-green eyes and a white pearl necklace.

Miss goodlady, miss ima goodlady

The girls were busy telling the Professor what kinds of cereal they wanted. As Sedusa plans on finishing the girls off, Ms. For a brief period, she was Professor Utonium's girlfriend under the alias Ima Goodelady. One day, when Ms. Bellum tackles Sedusa through a window and into the swimming pool. He begins to apologize, but once he sees how beautiful Ima is, he's at a loss for words, literally. While disguised as Ima Goodelady, she wears a hot pink suit with a pink hat. When the Professor went out, it went well hoodlady that he asked Ima to move in with him or vice-versa and the girls so she could "help out" with their care.

Ima goodlady

Then, Bubbles takes off Ima's hair wigexposing the latter as Sedusa. Sedusa in " Something's a Ms.

Bellum misses work, the Mayor receives a mysterious fax. Blossom suggests they go out on Saturday, and Buttercup suggests Sunday, but then Bubbles butts in and suggests Friday.

These new rules angered and raised the suspicions of the girls. Bellum then pulls the mask off, as Sedusa grabs her and throws her around the house multiple times. Blossom throws Ms. Blossom tells Ima that he's at the store, and suddenly everything falls into place.

Ima says that the girls can't watch TV, and that Bubbles can't have Octi, or the hall light when they go to bed. Then, Ima agreed to go out with the Professor Friday night at They crash into the house and catch sight of Ms. Then the girls suggest times, and Blossom saysButtercup saysand then Bubbles sayswhich also happens to be their bedtime.


Love, Sedusa. Bellum in the pool. Bellum the whole time and vice versa.

Sedusa was first seen posing as a regular woman under the alias. Ima handed down some new rules, which she convinced the Professor to enforce: No more use of superpowers, no more crime-fighting, the girls must go to bed very early, no watching their favorite TV shows, Bubbles is not allowed to have Octi or have the hall light on, and the girls must act like normal kids from now on.

As Ms. Bellum, having Sedusa tied up against a chair with tape over her mouth.

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Ima says that they're still grounded and that she's going to tell the professor. However, Ms.

Later that night, Ima snuck out of the house to steal the Mayor's priceless jewels and the girls caught her when she returned, holding a bag. Bellum's clothes and grabbing her. Bubbles then pulls Ms.

One night, the girls snuck out to take care of a crime and when they got back, an extremely livid Ima grounded them and her foodlady woke up the Professor. Bellum's house. When Professor goes on the date, it must have gone so well that he askes Ima to move in with him and the girls, but soon their lovely home life begins to change.

The girls were busy telling the professor what kinds of cookies they wanted, and he was so involved that he didn't see where he was going, and he accidentally crashed into Ima's shopping cart.