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Is nitrous safe

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Nitrous oxide is a dissociative inhalant that can cause analgesiadepersonalisationderealisation and euphoria.

Last month prevalence of use among clubbers and ravers ranges between 40 and almost 80 percent. Given its easy availability as whipped cream bulbs, the drug seems to be growing in popularity among young people. People open the canister, transfer safs gas into a container usually a balloonthen inhale from the balloon.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

What are the risks of using nitrous oxide? What are the long-term effects?

This can be very painful and make walking difficult. In most countries, nitrous oxide is a legal ntirous that is widely available and cheap.

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We don't know for sure how many young people use this drug, or how often. Nitrous oxide is a colourless gas that is slightly sweet smelling and tasting. You may feel no discomfort right up to the moment when you black out. When intoxicated accidents like tripping and falling may occur.

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Like drink-driving, driving when high is dangerous and illegal. Importantly, getting some oxygen, but not enough, could still ultimately have the same fatal effect. Ntrous with high doses of B12 is effective, but some damage can be irreversible.

The risks Physical health risks It is very dangerous eafe inhale nitrous oxide directly from the canister, and doing it in an enclosed space is also very dangerous. So banning nangs could cause more harm than it prevents.

Potential side effects of nitrous oxide

Save colourless gas that people inhale, usually via a balloon How it looks, tastes and smells What does it look like? People have died this way. Then brain damage, followed by death, can occur within minutes. There is a risk of falling when taking nitrous oxide whilst standing or dancing.

If you are worried about your use, you can call FRANK on for friendly, confidential advice. Save term There is little evidence to suggest that nitrous oxide causes any serious long term side effects. However, people have died from oxygen starvation when using unsafe methods to try to breathe large amounts of nitrous oxide for extended periods of time.

Some people say that the gas has a slightly sweet smell and taste. A person should still let their healthcare provider know if they experience any unusual side effects or if these last for a few hours to days following their nitrosu.

The most common reasons for an overdose include getting too much of the gas at once and long term exposure. How do people take it? If someone suspects they have overdosed on nitrous oxide, they should seek immediate medical attention.

Prohibiting drugs does not prevent people using them, and more harmful unregulated products can emerge. When people use nitrous oxide as a recreational drug, the gas belongs in the inhalant category.

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Though rare, it is possible to overdose on nitrous oxide. Mixing Is it dangerous to mix with other drugs? Recent media stories have reported a "nang epidemic".

Possession remains legal Nitrous oxide N20 is an anaesthetic gas with pain-relieving properties. Some potential reasons healthcare providers may avoid giving a person nitrous oxide include: vitamin B deficiency a history of mental health conditions being in the first trimester of pregnancy a history of substance abuse having the enzyme condition methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency a history of respiratory illnesses Share on Pinterest If a person overdoses on nitrous oxide, they may experience tightness in the chest or choking.

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If the user of nitrous oxide is in good health, understands the nitros, and avoids dangerous methods, nitrous oxide is one of the least risky drugs. It is generally used to help you relax during procedures that don't require a general anaesthetic, such as childbirth and minor dental surgery. Considering the generally modest use of N2O and its relative safety, it is not necessary to take legal measures.

What are the different forms? Contact was made with a "mystical-religious" group that used the gas to accelerate arriving at their transcendental-meditative state of choice. Mixing nitrous oxide with other drugs There is no current evidence demonstrating that nitrous oxide used with other drugs increases the risks.