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In the core, fixed-rate business, the pressures have been less extreme than you might see in the bridge space.

Some of the themes that came out of it were perhaps more high-yield and bridge lending and transitional flows than we had done in other years. A lot of features within this app that should be quite basic they want to charge you for it You literally cannot block other users unless you pay them.

Crefc miami q&a with jack gay, nuveen real estate’s global head of debt

Those are the three markets that we are active in right now, but clearly the U. Getting harassed?

How are you gauging the capital markets landscape as we get ushered into this election year? The good news is that the headline would be that, generally, markets are still somewhat in control and in check.


One of the advantages of being global is you can think about where you see the best relative value is in a different market, and there might be different reasons or different things that are driving the markets. Behind the s, that was consistent year-over-year with what we did the year before.

To say that we saw that coming would probably be more ambitious than I can take credit for, but it turned out to be very good. The regulators and their risk departments at these banks have really clamped down and constrained [lending activities]. Has Nuveen been getting pressure from borrowers in that respect?

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Jack Gay: It was a good year overall. That can also be dangerous as well. Where are you seeing any frothiness or trouble spots in the market, given the amount nack capital out there?

If you were to look at the fixed-rate business, hindsight tells you a lot. On the margins, you might get pressed on some of the structural elements of a transaction, but not the overall LTVs; they are still relatively modest.

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We did more of our volume at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year, and in the middle of the year, when the Treasury was at its lowest, we were not doing much in that fixed-rate business. Your app is full of dark patterns and transparently desperate for subscription revenue, why else would you add a thousand speed bumps and impediments to using your app if not?

But the geopolitical aspect is always out there as something that can change sentiment. But, that said, there are certainly pockets of overbuilding in some markets. So we feel pretty good about that going in. You can navigate to the Settings menu within Jack'd and select "Contact Jack'd Support", or submit a ticket to our support team by visiting jackdapp. Additionally, there should be a requirement for all users to have profile photos of themselves! It may be a good thing from a frothiness of values perspective in terms of a gut check on: are pricing levels between the buyers and sellers at the right level, right now?

Early s are that the capital markets are still healthy and jaci. Developer ResponseWe appreciate the feedback, and we'd love to hear from you personally. If you have any questions about Jack'd Pro, ! We think about it and talk about it all the time.

Pay up! Might it be a good thing if the market decelerates a bit, with the election year?

If you look back a year ago and how we started the year, vay were coming off of a really miserable fourth quarter in equity markets and risk was kind of off. But we were fortunate last year to get out early, and we did a lot of volume in the first and second quarters.