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Literotica celebrity stories

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Celebrities & fan fiction stories hub

But she had bigger dreams, dreams a certain well known personality promised her he could make come true. My wife and I had always put our careers ahead of having children, and a lot of time passed by. It was just too important.

Everybody loved Hayden. It had been a long, hard day at the dance studio learning the routines for her next video and all she wanted was to have a nice shower and get into some clean clothes.

Literotica celebrity sex stories

I always enjoyed it especially when I was ased to work for the First Lady. All five of the characters are nymphs and invite you to share their seduction.

I run into a young starlet in the mall, who recognizes me. He had helped me a lot recently. There was nothing he liked more than getting out into the hinterlands of America and surveying the lovely landscapes, the noble vistas, and getting to know the people.

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Her school of choice? FF, oral, rom, celeb-parody Hurley The Hooker - by Anynom - Hugh was aware that the idea of being with any woman besides Elizabeth Hurley seemed crazy.

For Aniston, Life was good. I like photograph and Velebrity good at it. She hadn't had sex in a few weeks, and it always seemed to tighten up again if it had been a while. Dancing and running across the stage for this amount of time was always exhausting.

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literotkca Save for the irritated expression, she was gorgeous. Then a mother and daughter moved into the neighborhood. With the help of online erotica, you can turn boring, mediocre sex into a mind-blowing event.

Luckily, when your imagination goes blank, online erotica sites like Literotica can light the spark. He works as a cable installer manager who one day literitica a call from Helen Hunt to do some work at her house. As it happened, several weeks after the incident, his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley, attended a movie debut with him.

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F-teen, exh, huml, celeb Clinton - by Zifferman - Bill Clinton was out on the campaign trail once again. My daughter brought a friend to my beach house, and did I like what I saw. And it seems the girl is trying to seduce him.

celberity It's a fantasy about a big movie producer trying to take sexual advantage of Cybill in order for her to get a part in an upcoming move. The story includes thee of Hollywood's hottest female stars, and a man who uses his imagination to seduce his sixteen-year-old virgin friend, Danielle into bed with him. One minute he was a conservative, the next he was a liberal, and the next a libertarian.

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She was a good friend. After fucking this hot Mexican Chica, I meet her hot daughter.

This site boasts a wide range of stories from a wide range of people. I have dreamed of her sexy body ever since I saw her on the children's show singing and showing off her 'ass'-et.

At least I thought it was my reputation as a reporter was what got me the attention, evidently I was mistaken. A man who cheats on his woman deserves her wrath, and more. Visiting my old stomping grounds, I run into an celebrify friend celebrityy I find out his daughter is Alexa Vega! Oh, the wins have come and the attention has been great. This time it was a swimsuit company that had hired her good looks to promote their new line of swimwear.

Gwenyth Paltrow had found that, in many ways, it was even harder. MF, alcohol, preg, celeb Joan Collins - by Stardog Champion - Hollywood diva Joan Collins, the aging yet still beautiful woman meets a man she can't refuse. Great as Liz was, there were some things she just celebbrity do, things that Hugh really wanted to try out. He always concentrated most on her breasts in his fantasies. Things could get interesting Not me certainly.

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A somewhat traumatized Irish teen come to America in for his sister's wedding. One thing le to another, and just like in the White House, this intern is willing.

MMF, oral, celeb Dolly Parton Gets Gangbanged - by Stardog Champion - In a parody of our own world Dolly Parton participates in a rollicking good time with a group of black men at a hotel that she's staying at while on tour. MF, fant, celeb Driving Miss Hurley - by StarDriver - I had been driving for the limousine service for about two years when actor Hugh Grant was arrested in Hollywood and booked "on suspicion of lewd conduct in a public place" after being caught receiving oral sex from a prostitute in a rented car just off Sunset Boulevard.

However, for most of us it remains just that - a fantasy. My wife became close with daughter since her mother was always working.

Daves Highway may finally be getting it's big break. It wasn't. In this day and age with all the drugs available to unscrupulous people a scenario like this isn't totally out of the question.