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I am NOT looking for pay-to-play, so if you're seeking a donation or a sugar daddy, please do not respond. Your turn to experience the great minutes of your life will come. :-) I'm a married 24yr old girl seeking for a fwb or gf. Traveling by. But for now, just waiting for a like-minded woman.

Age: 54
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: I Wants Man
City: Ellensburg
Hair: Golden
Relation Type: Old Ladies Wants Canada Online Dating

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Contextual intelligence Infor Ming.

Communities The system allows you to create communities that extend to your external partners. The application organises conversations into enterprise-wide streams; share key screens, data, and attachments. Drill Back: analytics and reports in Ming. Keep track of critical corporate knowledge instead of losing it amidst information silos created by and instant messaging. It allows you to filter, view and monitor all information to oe track of every process happening.

Infor brochure

Mingg and retain top talent by a consumer-inspired experience delivered by this technology. If you notice a ifcant change, you can drill back to see where or how it occurred and more. The result?

Bring others into your new and efficient communications tool. Sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration has never ben easier. Know when a certain inventory item is about to run out or get updated when a top customer makes a new purchase order; you decide what is important.

Tweet Infor Ming. The application easily integrates organizational systems with innovative social collaboration technologies to help users work smarter and faster.

Infor - erp manufacturing software

Easily filter, view, and monitor tasks that need to be completed. Utilize the workflow interface to push approvals and alerts to the appropriate people when problems arise. Tasks and alerts The Infor Ming.

Collaborate to complete activities with polls, tasks, attachments, and meeting dates around each activity. Employees can speed up their workload by reducing internal communication; instead, they can easily find information and marry communications with the relevant business processes. No more overflowing inboxes and disted group projects; put important data where people can easily find it, share it, and access it. The major difference between Infor Ming.

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: Why is Collaborative Leadership Important? Improve decision making by putting relevant information and data at your employees fingertips in real-time. Collaboration Combined with Business Processes Make better decisions, faster. Retain vital minf knowledge: Using this system will help organisations to keep all the information in one place as opposed to potentially losing it in tools such as lr instant messaging.

Boost productivity and efficiency by sharing and communicating around information such as documents, plans, and photos from a centralized location, with all activity captured ning easily searchable. This facilitates structured communication and business process tracking with your customers, suppliers, or citizens.

It automatically senses the type of work being done and displays information relevant to that task without requiring the user to search and store the. Also, this platform creates a work environment that can satisfy increasing employee expectations.

How will infor transform your business?

Here are some of the features that make Infor Ming. Deal with critical alerts and tasks as they arrive to keep your business moving efficiently.

Fully accessible from one place, and easily edited. For example, if total costs suddenly spike on one production line, you can immediately drill down and see which component of cost changed most to contribute to the increase. For example, a sales rep can be automatically notified of mig activity relating to a top customer, receiving updates when orders are received, invoices are paid, etc.

Mobile function Finally, the Infor Ming. Social Mlng Drawing on a concept from the social media world, Infor Ming. Unlike information sharing technologies that are disconnected from your core applications, Infor Ming.

How will infor benefits your employees?

Drill back The Infor Ming. Add to wishlist Install Infor Ming.

Increased productivity by providing new ways of delivering information. Streams: organize recurring conversations and decision-making processes around a business topic or campaign. This feature allows you to keep track of specific parts of oe business that is important for you. It can be called innovation of social media; some others name it social business.

With this feature also comes a workflow interface that will push approvals lr alerts to the right person at the right time.

Infor Ming. Share and discuss important information with coworkers by posting alerts and tasks to specific user groups and organizing conversations around specific processes and issues. Contextual Intelligence: by combining real-time information from systems such as ERP and miny and more, Ming. Its innovative social media concept enables an employee to work more effectively as it combines social communication and business processes.