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My first gay ass I Looking Sexual Partners

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My first gay ass

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College student for college student m4w Just a college student looking for another student for some late night nsa. I will send pictures if you need, please serious inquires only,I'm available anytime.

Age: 53
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: Wanting Sex Dating
City: Fowlerville, Walker, Wallkill
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: In Search Of A Model Type Fem Female Only

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Just as he passed the point of no return, I withdrew his cock, pointed it at my face and firxt him explode all over me. It didn't go in the first time, and it took him several more tries to make any progress.

I took my right hand and slowly wrapped it around his massive cock. I remember actually feeling an electric shock run thru my body when he closed the door behind us.

I immediately noticed that he was wearing a very short bath robe, which just covered his crotch. He had a heart attack a few years ago and now has to walk with a cane. I decided that I wanted to get in to photographing models so I arranged to hire a studio for the day and organised a mixture firsy male and female models.

When he gets caught with a hard on things get steamy in more than one way I was shaking with anxiety but I had always wondered what it was like to suck off a guy. He looked down at my, pulled me up by my shoulders and kissed his cum off my face. I rubbed my face against his beard, and he kissed my neck and face.

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He was wearing extremely short jockey shorts, and I could clearly see his load. He fucked me several more times over the next two months in many different positions. He really seemed like a nice guy, so I said "sure OK" However, as we walked to his office, I began to feel a little self conscience about the situation. When I came, he just said "Mmm, that's it, enjoy it" And that I certainly did, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

He push in, and once it went into my ass it really hurt. I even loved how my toes felt against his feet.

Real first time experience getting fucked in the ass

I wanked him as I fucked ga. He then told me that his wife would be home soon and we would have to see each other again later. He said it was about 5. We sat down for a while and talked. Now that I was in college, I had the opportunity to fulfill them. His face changed.

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Finally he got a little further in, but still not quite all the way. We again greeted and had a brief conversation. My cock was now up against his stomach.

We then sat down in the living room and began talking. But now, I'm looking to bottom for the first time, once I finally find someone who is into it.

This took me by surprise and I stopped rubbing against him. Then he quickly told me that he had a built in pool, and that I was welcome to come over for a swim. He was large, chubby and bear like, with short grey hair and a shaved face.

I laughed and told him no, and continued to oral him. I said "Yes Sir.

Having been reassured, he slowly pulled down gayy pants to reveal his huge cock. We agreed it would be a bit of fun to have him in the nude but covering his privates with his hand.

My first gay experience

We shot for an hour or so. He matched his description and pictures. When the summer ended I went back to school, the next summer I got a full-time summer position and didn't get a chance to see him that summer. After a few min conversation, I asked him about the comments he had made about my legs.

During this time we started off with him changing his outfit a couple of times and then eventually starting to take clothes off. We were now face to face and chest to chest.

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He then stood up and extended his hand and said, "c'mon, lets go up stairs. When I did this, he asked me If I was attracted to men. The inevitable occurred however and I achieved orgasm. He then mentioned how hot the weather was, and asked if I wanted to talk in his office.

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He then said "nice summer day today". His pubes were trimmed with a nice little tuft at the top of his dick. He gently grasped my hips and began rubbing his cock against my ass.