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In viral footage posted to Twitterthe violent woman — who police said suffers from bipolar disorder and was off her medication — can be seen assaulting a woman lying in the curb lane and attacking another man as he tried to intervene. Also, do wome know how dirty that bull is. Stay safe, Wall Street.

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Yes, basically this blond woman was seen straddling the charging bull statue in NYC totally nakedignoring all the protection measures that the government and health experts have told to do during the coronavirus pandemic. Those who donate money can pre-order it, take part in a photo shoot, or have their own nude photograph taken. Does nudity automatically equate with sex? The emotionally disturbed woman proceeds to put the pilfered shoes on her own feet and whacks another bystander who tried to get the sneakers back before a man ultimately body-checks her, knocking her to the ground, according to the footage.

Wild video shows woman steal pedestrian’s sneakers, strip naked in nyc

The woman robbing another woman's sneakers in Brooklyn. So dumb, so unnecessary, and so idiotic.

Not only that, but she actually captured her little stunt. The wild incident unfolded on bustling Brighton Beach Avenue between Brighton 3rd and 2nd streets in the Aomen Beach neighborhood on Sunday at around p. Jump to Naked in New York: Woman takes photos nakrd herself for new crowd-funded book Photographer Erica Simone has posed nude for a series of pictures taken in New York. It really scares me knowing people will do anything to get a few likes here and there on social media because they have nothing better to do.

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I am simply an artist looking to humorously poke at some interesting thoughts about society and question who we are and embody as human beings inhabiting this home we call Earth. Good Samaritans at the scene. She has never fallen foul of the law for exposing herself and says: "I am very quick and cautious, I pay attention to everything and everyone around me and I try to be as discrete as possible and always try to avoid the authorities. So yeah, you run to your gynecologist and get checked for some herpes or something, because you know you will probably catch something if you straddle a statue with millions of other fingerprints in the middle of a crowded place such as New York City, New York.

About the author: Silke Jasso, Editor Silke Jasso is a bilingual editor, writer, producer, and journalist specialized in online media. Would we be able to live happily in our own skin? How have we evolved so far away from our utmost primary state of being that it is actually against the law to be nude in public?

Nude woman ignores coronavirus warnings to straddle ‘charging bull’

Onlookers called out for FDNY members to arrest the woman as she walked away from the chaotic scene. It's about being free from the confinements of societal expectations and the media's projections.

I mean being and self-isolation sucks, so this bull rider probably just wanted some attention. Should have worn gloves and a mask. Still, super irresponsible of her, because this carefree cowgirl not just exposing herself, but others.

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Nope, this nude woman decided to go against all coronavirus protection measures and risked herself getting covid, and just go out and about, pulling an unsanitary stunt in the open wearing only her birthday suit. The woman stripping naked after the attack. Because well, she probably wanted some views on social media.

I have never got into trouble.