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Want Sex Okcupid how to see sent messages

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Okcupid how to see sent messages

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Thanks for the feedback! And a Sent Box. And lots more of the same. If you are a woman who's been on OkCupid, obviously, you just scoffed. Now the ball is in their court!

Why okcupid hides someone after you send an introductory message to them

Please note: You can only send one initial message, so make it a good one! John witaker March 31, Recent updates are garbage, show me people who messaged me instead of making me root for it, this is ridiculous. It sounds okckpid a reasonable change, but I do wonder how much further they will go with this? Heman D Rai April 9, I had lot of expectation from this app.

To check your messages, you have to scroll through profile after profile, to find out if they happen to have sent you snet message, and then if you want to read it, you have to like their profile for access. Thanks for the feedback! Are you for real??

They also will not see your profile again on the site, and you won't see them, so it won't be awkward. If you Like the profile, then the introduction will move okxupid your conversations. When someone sends you an introduction a first messageit will be added to your Intros tab.

Getting your message actually seen. Or even better, Wikipedia it and ask me an informed question.

This is so you don't waste your time on people you've already reached out to. If you think about it also, OKCupid is slowly pushing people towards the ways it prefers to connect with people.

I was just using the bathroom. Finding a match.

The One Good One If you think your messages might messagess into 1 to 22, take a few pointers from these users, who ended up getting responses and ultimately dates. Or, when they send it to two people.

They will not be told that you Passed on their profile. We have an Inbox on Friends Match Me.

This means when they first see you, they'll see your full profile and your introduction at the same time, which is a great way to pique their interest. Please try again later. Posted on April 12, by admin Where do you go to check your messages? B Why would I spend at least 15 minutes primping for you, stranger on the Internet?

Okcupid removes “inbox” folder for checking messages, no sent folder either

If the other person hasn't liked you yet, you won't see their profile or your sent message until they like you back. Its pretty upsetting.

If the conversation has been inactive for 90 days, it will move to the Older Conversations. If you're not seeing a particular intro you were notified about, or a conversation in either Active or Zee Conversations, one of the following might be the case: You may have blocked the other person The other person may have blocked you The other person may have deleted their The other person may be in a moderation hold The other person may have been banned For privacy reasons, we cannot tell you which of these will be the case.

We always make sure people who have sent Sennt get moved towards the front of DoubleTake. The Inbox right?!

Why did an intro/conversation disappear?

OkCupid users who opine on subjects they know nothing about exude an unlikely combination of insecurity and arrogance. I want to see the person who messaged me and not all the others I have not. We'll also add you to their DoubleTake queue, and let them know you sent an Intro! You messaged me.

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I understand why but once again where does it lead us? More on messaging:. You can no longer see who visited your profile. The art of conversation on OkCupid We think it's best when conversations are between people who are interested in each other.

Sounds that No OK Cupid. The skeptical me anything okcupid does right now I am very skeptical about thinks there might be a better way to educate users about their poor inbox filling messages.

Not to mention how wonky half the settings are now for no reason The only distance options given are 15 miles and anywhere in the world for christ sake. I honestly hate msssages.

So once and for all, here are the 23 types of messages most straight women or gay women being trolled have to deal with on OkCupid. Especially not strangers. If they're interested in you, they can Like you back.