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Pill report blue tesla

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Feeling extrmely mellow.

Still waiting on gas chromatography to confirm dosage. MDMA is likely to be incompletely mixed and inconsistently distributed through these tablets. For more information on keeping up-to-date with ecstasy pills, check out our article on pillreports and how to use it.


However, they did note that traction for some brands was extremely high. Considering I repor over lbs and rolled last weekend, I am impressed. Police say blue Tesla 'ecstasy' pills could contain meth and cocaine They're apparently circulating in Northumbria Dave Turner 14 August Northumbria Police has issued a warning for blue Tesla pills being sold as ecstasy. Started walking outdoors and stumbled into a live music event.

You will not be dissapointed.

#livetodanceanotherday: reports claim blue tesla pill could contain cocaine & meth

Cannot manage to force beer down. Can hardly even force water down. The pills, which are blue in colour and shaped to look like LEGO blocks, contain up to double or triple the dose of regular ecstasy pills, according to NSW Health. Brain upgraded to retina display? Avoid consumption of these tablets.

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Another user responded saying they had feport in them. But they were pretty fast! I admit I am very shocked at how quick I started feeling it.

Any dosage over mg of MDMA is considered lethal. Taking just half a pill PM: Intense butterdlies, head feeling nice and loose. Slight horniness as well.

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Health authorities have warned about the batches of super-strong pills. Follow up searches have led to the detention of an individual to ascertain his role in the parcels that were reprt for Chennai city. They contain around mg MDMA. Especially, Synthetic drugs and crystals of high dosage, most of which are coming in from Europe. Having difficulty focusing on note taking.

Teeth chattering slightly. A novice user might take a whole pill instead of splitting it, and accidentally overdose. The pills resla also said to be circulating around Manchester after a Reddit user posted about buying one.

Urgent warning as ‘high-dose’ batch of lego and tesla pills linked to deaths

Enjoying it PM: Still doing good. Do users actively choose specific brands — a Tesla over a Tripadvisor pill, for example, or if what they purchase is more related to supply and demand. Wasting it and leaving, but not before taking another shit.

In Villupuram, the conee was found to be a young Indian lady, who works as a volunteer in Auroville. Before long though, actual Harry Potter with lightning bolt logos did appear.

Tastes like tesla: how tesla ecstasy pills became the hot way to get high

It normally takes me far longer. In some ways, this tech takeover is not surprising.

This is an extremely high dosage for one pill. Final Thoughts: Was able to sleep like a baby until 10am the next morning. Consumption of MDMA may result in extremely unpleasant adverse effects, serious illness or death.

glue The pills are believed to contain a combination of meth and cocaine and police are asking anyone who sees these pills to contact them immediately. Hair tingling. Here is my report PM: Down the hatch.

Not the same people who are making the nice orange presses. They issued an advisory for glow in the dark Tesla pills that had almost twice the amount of active MDMA in it. Your dealer is a liar my friend. Didn't expect the tesla to hit me so hard so quickly. Good shit. He said that taking down these images could have catastrophic effect— people could miss out on potentially life-saving information.


In the last year, drug safety sites have published bulletins warning users about ecstasy pills to watch reprt for. Currently stone sober. Nice and smooth. Take Mitsubishi, one of the most popular ecstasy pills of the eighties and nineties. The warning comes nearly a year after a warning was issued about orange Tesla pills that contained mg of MDMA.