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Copyright by Duke University Press Most of the persons selected belong to the field of arts and letters, although two or three prominent rcio are included.

Carlos Alfonso Ramirez who took ownership and managed the boy band. Alfonso added the following individuals to his management team: Mr.

During a televised concert in the Dominican RepublicLos Chicos had to abandon the stage because of fans reaching it. Giro Lopez or Giro became radio favorites, and memorabilia items like posters were mass-produced.

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At the end of the volume is a vocabulary of difficult or specialized words to help the student reader understand the text. Chayanne became a solo artist and released his first album in Due to a political campaign slogan, the name was changed to Los Chicos, which translates to The Kids by Mr.

They enjoyed huge success during the early s, under the new management particularly in Puerto Rico South America and Central America. Advanced Search The biographies of four women and fourteen men, almost all of whom were born in the 19th century and died in the 20th, compose this well-written and attractive little book. The band was created by Eric Laboy inrici the name Encuentro.

One is included only because of her famous son, Pablo Casals; the rest are well chosen. Giro Lopez or Giroand Alejandro Rodriguez. However, this version did not have as much hombrfs the acceptance from the public as the first group of boys, and finally the band was dissolved.