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In El Salvador, the political environment remains difficult. She was originally charged with inducing an abortion, which is illegal in El Salvador.

‘choloani’ is a history lesson in what it means to be a cholo

She was released from prison in February pending her retrial. Hernandez had said that she was unaware of her pregnancy when she delivered a stillborn son in It was later salvavorean lifeless in the septic tank. When she went to the toilet, located in an outhouse, she fainted. After she successfully defended her thesis on the illusions of the harvest moon for 10 hours, Navarro was celebrated worldwide for her discovery and by the president. Hernandez has served three years of the three-decade sentence that was handed down.

As the sole survivor, her testimony was crucial in spreading the news of the Army-led attack that resulted in more than civilians killed.

The judge ordered a recess Thursday afternoon after a witness for the prosecution failed to appear. Ayala accepted the decision, but in an open letter, defended her choice to run, saying she had only intended to defend the rights salvaorean women. The case has tapped into deeper concerns over salvadoran inequalities and discrimination, testing the willingness of the courts to accept homicide prosecutions of low-income women who lose their babies, often when giving birth at home without access to medical care.

Following the first cry of independence on November 5,she and her sister Miranda disseminated the news that an uprising against Spanish rule had begun. Hernandez, a domestic worker who was studying to be a nurse, has said she was savadorean after being raped by a gang member. But he has remained silent in the case of Ms.

Salvadoran woman restarting life after abortion case retrial

In December, a court declared another woman, Imelda Cortez, not guilty of attempted homicide after she was accused of abandoning her baby girl. Sixteen of the women remain behind bars. Those charges carry a sentence as long as 40 years, compared to the maximum sentence of eight years slvadorean abortion. Slideshow 12 images El Salvador bans abortion in all circumstances.

El salvador woman cleared over baby's death says 'justice was done'

As the Sandanista Revolution ignited in neighboring Nicaragua, the rebel fighter moved there in The chances of easing the anti-abortion law womam became more remote as conservatives became dominant in the legislature. What has the reaction been? Advocates have identified sallvadorean women who were sentenced to as much as 40 years for homicide or attempted homicide after suffering obstetric emergencies. The nowyear-old woman was 18 and about to finish high school when she was jailed.

In the ruling, the judge noted that Ms.

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Some Salvadoran women were sentenced to up to 40 salvadoresn in prison in such cases between andaccording to the Citizen Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion. Of those, 60 were convicted — 34 for aggravated homicide and 26 for abortion, which is penalized by two to eight years. In this installment of our Herstory series, we look at the women who survived war, colonial rule, dictatorships and other bleak episodes in Salvadoran history to create change.

While the outlook seems grim, history shows that Salvadoran women have faced their dark circumstances to light beacons salvdorean hope.

What was ms hernández accused of?

The law has evoked suspicion of women who experience complications during pregnancy. Evelyn Beatriz Hernandez, a year-old Salvadoran woman who was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison for aggravated homicide after suffering a miscarriage insmiles as she answers questions from journalists two days after her acquittal on retrial, at the offices of Colectivo Feminista in San Salvador, El Salvador, Wednesday, Aug. They led guerrilla groups, defied abortion laws, laughed in the face of the patriarchal restrictions of their times and championed the rights of women.

Cortez could have intended to abandon her baby, who was born healthy. What happened at the retrial?

El Salvador prohibits abortion under any circumstances, even to save the life of the mother. Herrera of the Citizen Group. She was arrested after the body of her baby was found in the toilet's septic tank. She spent 17 months in pretrial detention. God willing, all will end well. A United Nations-sanctioned investigation that followed the peace accords confirmed a massacre took place in the village of El Mozote, but those responsible went unpunished.

Herstory: 10 salvadoran women who changed the course of history

As such, he found that there was no way that Ms. Related Topics.

Her lawyers appealed against the sentence, arguing that forensic evidence showed that the baby had died of meconium aspiration, inhaling his own early stool. She said neighbors in El Carmen had also treated her badly before. Her lawyers argued she should be cleared. Prosecutors argued that she was guilty of murdering her baby "by omission" and asked for an even harsher sentence - 40 years in prison - than that imposed in the original trial.

As many as two dozen more were charged and jailed while they awaited trial before the charges were eventually dropped or they were acquitted.

What happened at the retrial?

After going into labor, they said, she also should have gone to the hospital. Navarro, who grew up in a family of intellectuals, applied to the University of El Salvador in The political activist eventually fled to Mexico, traveled to Europe — where she developed her feminist ideology — and returned to El Salvador inwhere she was tortured and raped.

The retrial is set to Friday at 9 a. She is also remembered for opening the doors for subsequent generations of female writers at a time when men dominated the world of literature. She again stated her innocence in the retrial, which began in mid-July but went on recess due to the illness of a witness. In March, the Supreme Court commuted the sentences of three women, who had each spent almost a decade in prison for aggravated homicide, salvadkrean ordered their release.

The original verdict along with the year sentence were overturned last year on procedural grounds and an appeals court ordered a second trial. The prosecution, it said, had failed to aoman that Ms. She has always maintained her innocence, saying that she had been raped by a gang member and had no idea that she was pregnant.