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Additionally, the gun's appearance changes to look like the tranquilizer pistol from the Metal Gear Solid games.


I need scissors! This one has not been.

The synergy I need scissors! Obtainable through the Beholster shrine.

Trivia[ edit ] The name "trank" refers to "tranquilizer". It was originally called the M9, which is the official deation of the gun the tranquilizer pistol is based on.

Some trxnq you may know that Trank Gun is currently listed twice in the Ammonomicon presumably 'cause of 2. Should the player use the synergy item such as Rationthe Trank Gun will retain the Synergy effects and appearance until using up a full magazine.

This gun is used by BeadiesCoalersand the Beholster. The appearance of the gun is also similar to the tranquilizer pistol in Metal Gear games. Trank Gun is a semi-automatic gun that was added in the A Farewell to Arms update.

Tell me if you were able to get the second listing of the Trank Gun after it showed up, or if it unlocked for you without needing it and I may just be missing a single sneaky item. This creates an issue, as you need to fill in the ammonomicon completely to unlock the Finished Gun, which I've done Notes[ traq ] Behold! Non Non Lethal This pistol is often modified to use tranquilizer rounds.

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Prior to v2. Possibility: I may be babbling for no reason. However, it could potentially be obtained through Blessed Runs.