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West side club nyc gay

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Want to relax and get eaten out. I want to see a gal go at her and her have to take it.

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City: Historic Third Ward, Noble County
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Also, after the bars close around 4, the place gets busy but it seems there is less action. A guy escorted me to the room. Turkish and Russian baths are not at all gay. The crowd was older than So the first two things don't matter if I go when I am happy, and generally no irritable. So, i hope that the club will see the xide of treating sidr with some sense of hospitality, and friendliness, and that investing and maintaining what is left is important.

Men will be men

During Pride, you could move that time up to when the doors open. Staircase to something on the floor below was closed with police tape, so ill never know what was there I don't go much anymore, but I wish Westside Club the best of luck in dealing with city government, increasingly conservative views, and creating a sex positive space which is crucial to all gay communities. Lots of S Funtoy Over a year ago Not that good Went here a few times and found it to be very unpleasant.

Their phone lcub just an ans machine and s are returned, but they are there. Would it be amazing if it were not so? There are no large open play rooms.

And finally, if the Club staff ever read these reviews. You have to be reasonably fit, it is a private club.

He was argumentative and nasty, and exactly NOT what customers want to encounter. But not all Eagles are created the same.

Lots of trafffic. Lockers, wrst, steam and sauna are the amenities. One for the hope that it can improve, one for the amenities and decor, and one for the great times I've had, which have nothing to do with staff or facillities, and everything to do with having a place to do them. They also come with lots of their friends and they roam the halls harrassing guys who don't want them.

Thanks west side club. No sauna. The staff was rude, everyone practiced unsafe sex, it seemed sleazy, and I believe I witnessed drug usage. If you would like to meet a bunch of guys who are much friendlier go to east side club, the men tend to be older, but let me tell you, they are more than happy to room, and have years of experience. And patrons, remember, a good time is in your mind, so don't let a lack of facilities, or the fact that the others don't meet your standards I arrived around 4pm on a Saturday.

I am searching sexual partners

Good traffic. There was a good mixed crowd of all sorts. Just a bunch of rooms and hallways to walk.

aest The staff have attitude towards patrons, as if the customers are somehow beneath them for being there. Came to visit the place for the first time and was disappointed.

I went for the experience, amicably, not looking for sex, and it was terrible. Because of the happy memories I have, and because I believe that they staff just need to be reminded sometimes they deal with alot of aggravation that the customers are the reason they are there, and not a hindrance but a virtue, I am going to give the west side club three stars. Save your money and take a trip on the Amtrak to Montreal. I hooked up w one guy from the 6 around.

No steam room. skde

Gay map west side club

I don't know about others, but to me, the place was horrible. Save your money. Its not well maintained, people are abusive and service people are rude. Have a comment card at least for customers who need to vent. For other "places" I've seen, this place is very very clean, private, if not a member costs 40 bucks, well worth it on a weekend night. And the third thing that has always remained wst, no matter clu the others are doing, if I go in the right frame of mind, to simply have fun, I do.

Here's the thing